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Retractable exterior solar screens are becoming increasingly popular because they are easy to use, provide shade when needed and disappear almost entirely when not in use; Providing a more aesthetically pleasing option to obtrusive pool cages.

Solar screens can dramatically add value to your home, providing a more uniform outside appearance. In addition to providing instant daytime privacy, solar screens offer great energy saving benefits by blocking up to 90% of the sun’s heat before it enters your home. Exterior solar screens increase the comfort of your home by considerably reducing indoor temperatures, while letting in soft natural light.


Solar screens also help protect your carpeting, paintings, furniture and other valuables that commonly start fading under direct sunlight.



Versatile, sturdy, mold and mildew resistant and, easy to operate, garage door screens allow you to add another room to your home.

Retractable garage door screens are affordable and retract almost completely when not in use and can be installed on top of your existing garage door.

With the push of a button let the air and light in and turn your garage area into a man cave, playroom, exercise room, music room, hobby area, pet zone, TV room, smoking den, party room or, entertaining area without pesky bugs.

Available in a variety of frame colors, fabric choices and mounting options, garage door screens add value to your home and are approved for installation in most home communities.



We offer the only extruded hood for retractable shades on the market. Our hood is 66% thicker than sheet roll formed hoods, making it dent and impact resistant. Our hood side caps feature steel threaded galvanized inserts.

Marine grade stainless steel bottom bar to prevent corrosion. This contoured bottom bar keeps the screen taut all the way across and operating smoothly.

Reinforced corners for superior strength.



Retractable exterior screen systems designed by MaestroShield® are constructed and tested to work cohesively together to provide you a superior system; Systematically engineered for ease of installation while maintaining maximum operation and screen tautness long after the competitors.



Sun and wind sensor option available for maximum thermal protection. Lower and retract your solar screens automatically based on the related weather conditions.The sensors measure wind speed, sunlight intensity and, rain fall.

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